General Liability & Property

You need to protect your business from unforeseen legal action, such as lawsuits for bodily injury to employees or customers, or property damage. A general liability insurance policy offers you financial coverage from such unforeseen events.

Benefits of General Liability & Property Insurance policy

  • Bodily Injury Coverage – Covers the cost of care, and the loss of services resulting  from injury.
  • Property Damage Coverage – Covers physical damage to property of others, or loss of use of a property.
  • Product Liability Coverage – Covers any product-related injury or accident.
  • Products-Completed/Services Rendered Coverage – Provides liability protection from injuries resulting from product or service of your company.
  • Others – Provides protection from Non-Owned Vehicles (such as aircraft and watercraft) liability, Explosion Damage, Water Damage liability, Advertising Injury, etc.

(Note: General Liability Insurance will not protect your business from professional errors, omissions, or negligence.)

General liability insurance can get complex, and not all insurance companies are forthcoming about full coverage details. We make it a point to fully apprise you of all the components of your insurance policy before you purchase it.

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