Church Insurance

Having the right kind of insurance for your church is an integral part of meeting your organization’s special needs. U.S. Insurance Agency offers policies with Property Coverage, General Liability, Professional Liability, Directors and Office Liability, Automobile Coverage and more. Our agents can help you choose a flexible and comprehensive insurance plan that works best for your church.

General Liability

Our general liability plan provides coverage for liability due to injury, property damage, volunteers, church members, and counseling services. It also offers protection for fundraising events and Employee Benefits Liability. Medical Expense Protection is also provided for church members, guests, and volunteers for injuries resulting from accidents occurring on the church premises.

Property Coverage

Our property coverage includes blanket limits with large in-house capacity. It also includes sewers and drain coverage, sign coverage, stained glass coverage, fine arts coverage, ordinance coverage, and more. The most comprehensive policy we offer includes every type of loss unless it’s specifically excluded. Extra property coverage that we offer includes equipment breakdown, minister’s personal property, and much more.

Professional Liability

The professional liability insurance we provide extends to clergy, lay clergy, teachers, volunteers, daycare professionals, human service counselors, and cemetery professionals. Our policy also includes separate limits of liability for these positions.

Directors and Office Liability

Directors and Officers Liability includes defense costs in addition to the limit of liability. We also offer the most favorable venue wording for punitive, multiple, or exemplary damages.

Automobile Coverage

We provide coverage for non-owned and hired cars, as well as 15 passenger vans and buses. Volunteers as insured’s coverage is available as well as coverage for hired car physical damage. Lastly, we also offer rental reimbursement for private passenger vehicles.